Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nan and Bear continue in Cape Cod

This home was a true love story. The man had an original family home here. He met and married, the wife wanted a mansion. Sooooo he built this mansion around the original home. She could throw her elaborate parties, if he tired he left the area and went into the small original home.

The mansion had beautiful mirrors, wallpaper and furniture.

The original home was very simple.

We went out on the point of Cape Code and found these three lighthouses called the three sisters.

This is showing two of the lighthouses.

We stopped on the way off Cape Cod and had dinner. It was all fried but good.

Another lighthouse found on Cape Cod.

A barn with a decorative thatched roof. It was a great artist job done on this roof top.

a full shot of the barn with a thatched roof.

A cemetary with a headstone for a person that died during passage from England to America.

A view out on the point of Cape Cod. 

Hope you enjoyed the visit to Cape Cod.

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