Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nan and Bear in Maine

The first day of heading into the National Park in Maine was too crowded to park and see the things we wanted to see. So bright and early the next day we were up and went up Cadillac Mountain. The view from atop the mountain was just great!! So Bear and I enjoyed.

This is one of the views we had back toward the Atlantic Ocean. A lot of small islands.

Yep here is Liz's Silver Lining and Southern Comfort resting after our long climb up.

But what goes up, must come down and this is the road we drove up and down on.

We stopped at the "pond" which is the drinking water they use in Bar Harbor. Everyone was cautioned not to swim or allow dogs in the water.

Now if they want this water clean, what about these birds, have they been notified not to do what comes naturally?


We left the Bar Harbor area and headed toward Mass. We spent the night at a campground and I saw these two minature semi trucks. Apparently the owner of the campground was a Shriner and these are his parade vehicles.

and here is the second truck

There was a lake at this campground. A boat launch. Liz took her Kayak out and paddled around the lake.

Left over decorations from their Christmas in July celebration. These are snowmen melting in the July heat.

Next morning we left the campground and headed on. We came across this new bridge on the right and the old on the left. All traffic went across the new bridge. Of course we stopped to go up the observation tower on the new bridge.

Another shot of the old bridge.

Views from atop the tower. I was 420 feet up.

A picture of the old bridge from atop the tower.

A look at Southern Comfort from atop the tower.

A sample of a bridge span was on display for us to examine.

An honor to a worker on the new bridge.

Stay tuned and we will visit Fort Knox which is next door to the bridge.

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