Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nan and Bear on the Road for Thanksgiving

We left on Tuesday before Thanksgiving and headed to West Palm. My son drove so it made it a nice trip for me to sit back and enjoy the trip.

The first mornings sunrise was beautiful in the cloudy sky.

We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner with all the trimmings. A beautiful table to sit down to.

On Saturday we went to the Turtle recovery center. They had beautiful fish for us to see.

A scene to show how the turtle hatch and head for the ocean.

The turtle below is believed to have had an encounter with a shark. Notice a portion of the left flipper is missing. When he was found, he was underweight, but is back to 174.5 pounds now.

This turtle had a lot of crustations on his back. He was nursed back to health and I saw a news announcement that he was released on Monday of this week.

This turtle was just brought in and they were setting up the IV tube for meds. He is missing a part of the top part of his shell. They have crafted a shell in place, so now he needs to heal.

It was on to the pier and watching the waves and the surfers.

Birds were out, they were watching for any piece of fish that might be available from the fishermen on the wharf.

This fisherman caught a small crab that was desparately trying to get away.

The parasails were busy. A beautiful sight to watch.

Bear and I stayed at John Prince Park County Campground. This is one of the beautiful trees on the lake in the park.

We drove down through West Palm Beach to see how the other half lives. Gucci purchases anyone?

Then we visited the location of one of Donald Trumps home on the beach. This is the back of the house. Can't park in the front.

You can see the Trump towers in the distance.

Donald Trump doesn't like the planes flying over his house.

The city didn't like the size of his flag so made him put up a smaller one.

At Boynton Beach inlet the boats have to show their skill as they shoot through an opening and down the inlet. Looked dangerous to me, but they all seem to handle it quite well.

Look how rapid the water is that is shooting through this inlet.

Birds were out here too, looking for the fisherman's morsel.

One of the fishermen caught a drum fish. He said it was good eating.

As the sun set on another beautiful day in West Palm, we headed to a restaurant for some good seafood.

Boats heading into the sunset for the day.

Come back and join us for our safari.


  1. Ahhh, memories. Looks like you had a great time.

  2. Great photos of another great adventure!