Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bear and I are on the road to Alaska. We have Spring (another Min Pin) traveling with us. We are having a great time. Started out at 7:30 on Tuesday the 8tho  of May. Drove to Perry, Fl and stopped in a Walmart parking lot for the night.  Left early the next morning and met my daughter at Panama City Beach. We camped together for 2 nights and I was off heading on through Alabama making my way to Illinois.

The drive along 98 into Panama City Beach is so beautiful

Another view of the drive along 98.

 In Alabama we are heading north of course...

On into Alabama, stopping at a road side rest area for the night.

Spring has selected the passenger seat to ride along on. She is checking to make sure we are still moving north.

After about 300 miles on the drive after leaving Tuscaloosa, Alabama, I stopped at at nice campground . The manager of this campground was from Florida. He said he felt at home when he saw my gator tag.

After a good night's sleep, I headed on toward Illinois to catch up with Liz.  Making progress I am in Missouri.

Had seen a sign for Lamberts Tossed rolls cafe, so thought I might get breakfast...but they were not open. So took a picture and moved on.

Would love to have seen them throw these rolls.

The country is beginning to get hilly. Long long road.

They were yellow but sure looked gold.


The river here is active with river boats, ferries. Beautiful area.

Wish I had had time to stop and explore this cave. On the right you see a red wing tip. This was a creature that filled the folklore in the area, part bird, part beast, part man.

Spring is enjoying the trip.

Bear keeps checking to be sure I am still there driving, with an are we there yet?

We did arrive at the park, saw Liz on a high ridge on her bike as we were heading to the park entry. Got to the park, set up and grabbed the bike and off we went for a short tour. Mitch arrived the next morning and we were off again. We left Illinois and headed back in to Missouri and headed west.


  1. hey! I have recently inherited a min pin,,,it's actually my husband's and he's a toot,, but I love him. He is red and his name is Roscoe. i never knew the breed before but i've been converted to a minpin lover, for sure! they are precious little doggies! I still have my boston,, Shotsey. She is thrilled to have Roscoe for a brother!

    still looking for your AK pics.

  2. Sounds like you had a great trip driving up to meet Liz. That drive along 98 really is beautiful. I saw it last summer when we went camping down along the Appalachicola area on the Forgotten Coast. Of course, it was much hotter then. Enjoyed this post and looking forward to seeing the trip through your eyes.

  3. It's fun following you ladies on your trip to Alaska. Thought maybe Sarah would follow along but I guess not. What a little cutie Spring is. Some dogs end up being in more states than many people. Such a great adventure you all are on - say hi to Mitch, Liz, and Tina.

  4. Ah now with friends the trip will be much easier... you will have many laughs...