Monday, July 25, 2011

Nan and Bear on the Road in Maine

Our first stop in Maine was a home that Robert Frost the poet used. There is still a resident poet here so you can't go in the house.

The house is small, but great for a resident poet to stimulate his mind for writing poems.

A path was there for a self guided tour, some of Frost's poetry was displayed on post for you to enjoy, we read them and then picked rasberries to enjoy as a morning snack.

There are flowers there to enjoy. Saw a group of turkeys but wasn't fast enough with my camera to catch them.

These planes were taking off pulling a glider behind them for anyone to enjoy a glider ride. An airport was close to where we were.

Here is a glider being pulled along. Want to go for a ride?

We are still in a very mountainous area. I am still in awe of the beauty of the mountains.

We stopped in a visitor's center and this old car was there. You see a lot oof old cars on the road here.

Stopped at a rest area to have lunch. Found this sign about Benedict Arnold. Rapids on this river were large and he managed to get his boats through.

Here is a statue of Paul Bunyan. Not sure he was ever here but he is their hero.

This is a resevoir that has signs that it can fill rapidly. It takes the stream run offs from the surrounding mountains.

Here is a great restaurant for lobster. Of course they explained that Lobster pound meant they were not a restaurant but sold lobster by the pound. You could eat your buy there, take it home live or they would cook it and you could take it home.

Here I am hungry and ready for my first Maine Lobster. This is in Bar Harbor Maine. All the education I shared with you sure works up a great hunger.

Inside they opened a large cooler and said which one do you want. Picked one out and they put it up to be weighed.

Here is my soon to be lunch. After he is weighed, he is then put into a mesh bag with a number on it and you are given a ticket with that same number. You will get what you paid for.

Outside they have #10 washtubs in this brick holder with fires under each. First pot is for mussels and claims, second one is for corn, and the rest are for lobsters.

Now we are down to business. In goes the two lobsters Liz and I we wait for 20 minutes.

After 20 loooooonnnnnggggg minutes, he takes them out of the pot.

And they serve it up in a pan, with a tub of melted butter. MMMMMMM good!!

and yes, I ate the whole thing..

After lunch, we headed to the national park to begin our tour.

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