Friday, May 18, 2012

On Westward

We circled our wagons at Pararie Dog State Park in Kansas. A nice park, we all had pull throughs so Mitch was very happy. We woke up to some pretty high winds and as you can see the lake was choppy.

The sunrise was beautiful

As we were pulling out, found the pararie dog holes so stopped to take some pictures...Can you see the pararie dogs?

In our travels we did see a couple of Indians still out there watching our westward travel.

Those long roads though stretched on and on. Imagine traveling these hills with indians around you in a covered wagon. There were more places to hide than you can imagine.

LOOK!!!! in the distance is that an indian?  Yep he is there watching our progress. There will be smoke signals soon.

I saw this herd of cows down in a gulley. They were all gathered around the tree and content.

Finally we are coming out of Kansas and run across the corner of Nebraska. We were in Nebraska maybe 5 minutes before we entered Colorado.

You see a lot of places where the land has collasped.  Leaving holes and gullies.

You see a lot of old windmills. Not too many are still functioning.

As we close another chapter in Westward Ho the wagons, we want you to return as we visit the center of the US in the lower 48.


  1. That is a beautiful sunrise picture but, of course, that means you were up really early. Interesting perspective on the Indian in the distance.

  2. Thank you Nan for sharing the beginning of your long trip... so many interesting things...