Friday, May 18, 2012

Westward Hoooo the Wagons

These RV's are moving west. Excitment builds every mile we log that moves us closer to Alaska. Seeing signs for areas I have never visited before and for me that is exciting.

Historical markers along the way give us great information about the areas we are in. I will let you read and enjoy some information about Kansas. Our heritage.

Highway 36 that we took across the northern park of Kasas was the old pony express mail route. We found markers along the way for the stations of the pony express.

We have now entered the squirrel city. In the park that we stayed in there were red squirrels and black squirrels.  Just think at one time they were probably used for dinner.

Black Squirrel

Then in Marysville I found my dream home. Yep a sod home to call my own. Now you just know I would be happy here.

The furnishings inside were all the newest household items. This is just perfect. Then about the number of miles these items were brought in a wagon to this location...

Oh an a modern stove. A beautiful wooden stove, with a kettle and a fry pan. Wow who could want for more? Notice there are wooden wall boards added to make it more homey and cozy.

From the outside you can see this is quality sod. Will last us for years.

The school is right next door. So not children will be out in the cold winter long on their way to school

The classrooms have the most modern desks available. Every child will have an opportunity to learn. At least through the 6th grade, then they must join us in the fields at planting and harvesting time.

Things are looking up in town, we now have an iron horse, train most people call it. It is suppose to move the crops to market and people west. It is suppose to do this faster than the horse and buggy.  HA!! we will have to see that to believe it.

This is the iron horse or train engine. It runs across the pararie on tracks and belches out smoke and cinders. Blows a horn that can be heard for miles.

Of course with that iron horse they had to build a station house. People go here to wait so they can ride that train. What is the world coming to?

You know I always thought we would really making progress when we got the pony express to deliver our mail Shucks you could send a letter for only 2 cents, now that seems rather pricey but the letter sure got there.

After the train a lot of changes come into town. We have a Mexican restaurant. Whoever heard of going out to eat and paying someone for the meal. This is a whole new concept to me.

Of all things they are using Miss Mary's house. Just gives me the vapors. She always kept that house so nice.

But things are changing, we now have brick streets, can you imagine, of course it does keep the skirt hem from getting muddy when it rains.

Always thought our down main street buildings were just beautiful

Now with all this modern stuff, they also came out with some fancy cars. In 1955 there was the Thunderbird.  I of course still perfer my horse and buggy, but to each his own.

Inside of this car is all fancy with white leather upholstery and that big old blue steering wheel, think the reins on my horse work quite well.

The pony express riders were always flying through town taking mail what a memory.

A woman was always washing and sewing.

They developed this new washing machine, helped a mite... and you were always in proper dress.

Now they have these specialty places where you can go wash your clothes read a book while they wash and dry.  Mitch and Liz are checking to see if that washer really ate those socks. Mitch replied "yep think it ate it this time".

What's the world coming to?

The day got even better, the Mayor heard there were 4 wild women in his town heading to Alaska, so he came to meet and greet. Told me he was the meanest man in town and I just informed him quickly I was the sweetest, gosh he had no say after that.

But the day wasn't complete yet, the 1949 ford truck and tin can that we saw last year on the Blue Ridge pulled in.  We got a real good look inside. He and his wife are from Cross Creek, Florida.


The days is done, we will spend one more night in Marysville, City Park and then westward we go again for more adventures.

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