Saturday, May 19, 2012

We continued our drive westward

The wind was blowing quite a bit, so we pulled into a rest area to take a break.

This door was on an old building. I do not speak German but believe the word is German and says Welcome.  I do love the flower paintings.

We found this marker about the Pawnee Indians. The description of the Pawnee reminds me a lot of the Seminoles.

We left the rest area and went to the geographic center of the lower 48.

We all had our pictures taken at the center and of course all the dogs left their mark.

Liz took a group picture then decided to lay down for a bit. Mitch is trying to figure out why she is laying down, Tina is just saying I don't know these people.  Me, I am taking the picture. Liz was fine, we had a good laugh.

Bronze marker for the center os the USA

Welcome sign into the area

In the park area there is a chapel you can visit. I am sure many prayers have been offered up for the USA here.

Inside of the chapel is very simple but nice.

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