Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Off we go.

Took me awhile to get all the appointments finished I had after that April 8th retirement date.

But Bear and I hit the road, stopping the first night in Perry, Ga. Nice little park. Left Perry, heading over to 441 northbound. Rode through some nice areas of Georgia. Entering NC, decided to go over Blood Mountain and down into Murphy. That was a real treat. Southern Comfort took that mountain like a champ. Bear thought his mom was having trouble deciding whether to go right or left. Believe he got dizzy, he didn't want to look outside and got down in the floor.

When I got into Murphy, drove right to Carol's house, without realizing I was at Carol's house, I kept driving. Later Liz tells me she saw me and was running down the road behind me yelling and waving. I went back up on the highway, drove to an abandoned station and stopped. No cell phone service, no way to get in contact, so decide I would go back to an RV Park I had seen. Very nice park, with concrete slab sites, on a creek and a beautiful view. Upon getting settled in, my phone rang, it was Liz. I decided to stay put for the night. Liz and Sarah came down to pick me up, so I could share the delicious meal they had cooked. Roast pork, polenta and a great salad with strawberries, blueberries and bannana.

The following day I packed up and drove back down to Carol's. Carolyn came over from Tennessee, so we all had a mini gathering.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of the waterfall search.  

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