Tuesday, May 31, 2011

On the road to new locations

It was a great camping location, so much to see. We explored, looked, walked and enjoyed the wonderful weather. But time has come for us to leave and move on down the road.

This is Rocky Knob where we camped for 9 days.

We found old covered bridges to look at, now can't you imagine an old model T traveling through this bridge to somewhere?

This is Jack Creek covered bridge. Neither of these are used any longer but isn't it great they left them in place for us to marvel at?

Today of course on our travels to a new location brought a lot of excitement. A full grown deer, ran out into the road in front of the motorhome. I didn't know these could stop that fast. But the deer managed to get almost past me, but I did hit his left rear side with my left front side. No damage to the motorhome and don't think I hurt the deer, he leaped on off into the brush on the other side of the road.

Due to slamming on brakes, anything in the back of the motorhome that wasn't tied down, slide to the front.

Thankfully neither of us were hurt, deer was fine and the motorhome undamaged, but it was fast and scarey to think what might have happened.

The temps have grown hot, humid and we are looking again for the cool weather of the north. Stay tuned.

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