Sunday, May 29, 2011

On the Road Exploring

It is such fun to walk and see what you can find in the area.

Beautiful Iris' in Bloom.

Flowers are in bloom here everywhere.

It is spring in the mountains.

We have also found beautiful homes in the area.

You could find barrels of candy in one general store.

You could find out about yourself on products. (laughing) Wait until you see my name. Oh yes found that one too.

You find what they do with road kill here.

Seeing rivers tumbling by.

Brightly colored fungi on trees.

Our slithery friends when you least expect them. Now I am not the bravest soul around snakes.

Don't know what this bird is, but he was right outside my window.

Until we continue exploring, Hope you enjoy some of the great finds I have had.

1 comment:

  1. Love your blog and sense of humor and we know that Liz is the Best Nut in Town. Have not had Creamed Possum,, but used to have Possum and sweet taters, better than eating coon ACK. Don't know the beautiful snake and my book isn't handy. the bird is a Brown Thrasher - a real beauty and they sing mimic songs kind of like a mockingbird. Love all the flowers!
    Hope you continue with a great trip. Birdie sitting here in 100* temps in San Antonio.