Wednesday, May 18, 2011

On the Road to Biltmore

We traveled on down the road to the Biltmore. What a beautiful home. Of course they had 40 inside servants and probably tht many or more outside servants. They had breakfast clothes, luncheon change, hand work change, afternoon tea change, dinner change and change for bed. They had very small closets but a very large wardrobe. The flowers were so beautiful. Of course a bottle of wine had to travel with me when I left the Biltmore. The wine tasting was great. After the wine tasting we just had to have an ice cream cone. Such a wonderful way to end a beautiful day.

The Biltmore House

One of the many gardens you can walk through

Clock at the winery.

Beautiful flowers

The lion guarding the entrance to the house

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  1. Been there many times, good part of the country. It's also beautiful at Christmas time.