Thursday, May 26, 2011

On the road to the Blue Ridge Mountains (pictures)

Beautiful Park in NC. We stayed here a couple of days. Great views. We left here after two days and visited the visitors' center to check out the dam there.

At the visitors' center they had one of the guns used by the mountain men. Beautiful condition.

A view back over the lake created by the dam. Guys in boats were out there fishing. Didn't see them catch anything.

Flowers are in bloom everywhere. This is a close up of the Mountain Laurel.

This is my front view as I drive through the mountains. That is Liz in the grey roadtrek in front of me. She is my guide.

We spent Saturday night in the little (Laughing) town of Mayberry, aka Mountain Airy. We took a short tour and only found the statue of Andy and Opie going fishing. Don't think this is high on the list of places to visit again.

We stopped and looked at the different types of fences they use in the mountain area.

We stopped at a place called Mabry's Mill. They still grind grits and cornmeal here. I found some sweet potato pancake mix, bought that added blue berries to it and we had a fine breakfast. Also learned that the Mountain Ivy band and dancers would be there that afternoon, so we had to come back for a visit.

Bear enjoyed the day.

The band was very enjoyable. No sound system at all.

This dance is called flat footing. It is known for that because of how the foot hits the floor in more of a light stomp, with the foot flat.

Here is a Japanese lady that joined the group to learn the American style dance.

Then a Japanese lady was so excited about seeing them dance she joined the group and actually did quite well The lady in the capris is doing clogging which is quite different than flat footing.


  1. Great job, Nan! I Like the bigger pictures.

  2. Great post. I like the bigger pix too.