Sunday, June 26, 2011

On the Road to Corning

We left PA and headed into Corning, NY. Always thought they only made cooking dishes and Corel. Wrong!!!!

The museum was great.

This is a sculpture of many different pieces fused together...all glass

A hairy bunny

A bowl of fruit that looked delicious enough to eat.

In the museum they had many old pieces of glass to see and this was a display of a firing furance from Egypt.

Here is one half of the furnance.

Some of artwork on plates, the white is overlaid on the original blue...beautiful work

More of that same style but done in pictures.

Stainglass to see, some beautiful mosaic work too, but didn't get pics of that.

Then we were off to the glass furniture.  This was a beautiful table.

Another glass table, with a glass boat and cupids in gold.

A glass table candralabra (now you know I spelled that wrong) with two beautiful vases.

More stain glass.

An innovation to mass produce bottles rather than hand blowing them.

These two young men demonstrated how glass blowing is done and beautiful items are created.

He is shaping the glass. The heat of this glass is about 2000 degrees, you sure don't touch it. He had the basic vase done and is using a tool to shape a glob of glass into a shell shape.

Here he has taken another glob of glass and making a handle to attach to the shell shape.

With gloves that have obviously been burned by use, is taking the hot glass vase and putting it in a cooler so the glass can gradually cool. If it cools too fast it can crack or shatter.

This truck was on display with glass flowers in it. Neat old truck

This was a display that was in the floor for you to see.

Great adventure here, found also that corning developed the optic fiber that is used in many applications including the scope used for Colonoscopies. Good trip, stay tuned.

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  1. Beautiful tour. I sure would like to have seen the mosaics, oh well, will just have to go for myself. Right?