Saturday, June 25, 2011

On the Road to Meet the Sultan and Lori.

Oh yes it is now time to meet the sultan and his lovely wife Lori.

Here is our real live sultan, he said no respecting sultan would have hair.

The sultan made sure we had plenty of crabs to eat.

Here is the group from RV Women. Lori  is seated with the Sister's shirt on. We had a great time.

Lori made gifts for all of us and was busy giving them out.

The sultan took us on a visit to the Gettysburg battle field. This made you a bit sad to know how many died here, both north and south lost thousands.

One of the guns used during the battle.

From this hill you see a lot of rocks, this was a strategic point in the battle. I stood and looked at those rocks thinking that could be our boys laying there.

Another view from that same hill.

Another of the guns used.

A statue of Robert E. Lee on his horse.

Lori took a group of the women to visit the Elephant Museum and candy store.

This was a great fun place to go. Can here you haven't seen since you were a tyke in short pants.

A huge collection of elephants. Everyone different.

Mr Ed had had a fire and lost the peanut costume he had. Someone gave him this replacement.

This is Mr Ed, he came out and met us as we were coming in.

This is why he is so much into the elephants.

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