Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On the Road to Natural Bridge

New adventure, to something I had never visited before. The Natural Bridge.

Thomas Jefferson owned this area at one time and it is beautiful.

This is walking toward the bridge. It is just an awesome sight. The seating you see here is set up for the nightly light show. That should be a sight to see also.

This is the bridge looking back.

Now this you will not believe. George Washington did not sleep here, at least I guess he didn't. But he climbed this bridge and carved his initials here. Look real close at the white square and it has GW in it.

I was so excited about this area we jumped in and went over to the caverns. We climbed down in them with a guide. Huge rooms below surface, a bit cool, my pictures blurred a bit, but let me share a blurred one.

Entrance to the caverns. Lots and lots of steps to go down....but ohhhhh lots and lots of steps to come up...but huffing and puffing I did it.

The formations inside the cave were great.

So after a full day here, we were off to a campground to rest up for tomorrow's adventure.

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