Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On the Road to Mathew's Arm Farm

While we were at Mathew's Arm, we hiked to a farm that was up the mountain.
It belonged to the Johnson family

On the way to the farm in a meadow we found a sign indicating an inn had previously been there.

Continuing on to the farm house up, up, up a road that had been traveled by many, many people.

The farm house is set up as it might have been when the original family of Johnson's lived there. Lots of outbuildings, a garden, an orchard.

We went around back and there was a spring house, Bear tested the water to be sure the spring water was cool. It was clear and cold. They had kept butter and milk in the springhouse sitting in a pool of this ever flowing spring water.

We had to do a stream crossing on the way back, Liz went across turned to take a picture of me, lightly stepping on stones to cross and she did a sit down....just had to share a picture. (sorry Liz)

Bear has found the clover here is like catnip to a cat. He finds a spot wiggles, jaw quivers and he is in heaven. He gets up, smells and repeats process.

Can't get that picture to upload, will share it later.

We began our decent then off the Blueridge parkway.

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