Sunday, June 19, 2011

On the Road to the end of Blue Ridge Parkway

We stopped at another great campground.

There was a great lake at this stop. Walked around and guess what I found?

An ordinary common. You ask what is that? Education time, it was a widow that needed to make money, so she opened her house to the common man to stay overnight and have a meal. Think this was the first motel. Hold onto that word common it will pop up again.

I was outside and looked on the next level up and here is what I saw. I grabbed my camera and went up to ask if I could take pictures. He said yes. Asked where are you from and he is from Cross Creek Florida

This is a 1949 truck and 1949 tear drop camper that he has rebuilt. He did a wonderful job. He said the engine is a replacement but it is just like the original.

This is the emblem he carries on the back of the camper. Now isn't this a beauty?

This was my campsite here, The campsites are on the side of a mountain, so there are bottom level, middle level and top level camping. I selected the bottom level, we walked up to everything.

Trying to catch up on this so hang in there.

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