Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On the Road to Skyline Drive

We got up on Skyline after a day of clothes washing. LOL have to do that every once in awhile.

We got into a campsite that was just awesome, let me show you why.

The first afternoon we are there, found this buck laying in the tall grass in the next empty campsite from mine. I talked to him and he allowed me to walk right up on him clicking pictures.

Then the next morning, this doe was across the road and I was walking bear. She got an eye on bear and bear was watching her.  Think she thought bear was a small fawn.

Here is Bear with his very first encounter with a deer. He is completely taken by her.

Here is another Doe that came through but she showed much less interest in Bear and just kept moving.

On the last morning we were there, mama Doe brought her baby right behind my motorhome and was there when I stepped out. She let me get very close with the camera.

When I get a chance will upload a few more of these pictures I would like to share. The mama Doe acted as though she wanted to share her baby with me and wanted me to share Bear with her. She allowed him to get close enough he could snif her leg, then he growled, she jumped back and just looked at him. At a later point I was walking Bear and Liz had Roe, someone behind us said are you taking the deer for a walk, looked back and there she was following us. Just an amazing adventure.

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  1. Sounds like that was a good luck charm wish for you on your birthday. So glad you are having such an adventure.