Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On the Road to Monticello

Thomas Jefferson's next location was his home at Monticello. He built on top of a mountain so he could see 360 degrees for safety sake.

This is a statue of Jefferson.

This is the house he built here on the hill. You have heard of dumb waiters?  He had wine waiters to bring up bottles of wine from the wine cellar for he and his guests. Amazing useful details he had seen in France and brought back to be built into this home.
While the large home was being built, he had had this one room built for he and his wife and baby. Cute little cozey one room.

There were walkways with terraces and below these walkways and terraces were the working areas. An example is the kitchen you see here.

The day we visited they had people acting out the jobs that were done on the plantation. The two guys here are carrying a pot of cabbage that they planned to cook outside, along with a bunch of chicken. The gardens were there to the left side and the remains of where the slave huts were.

We left the hill and hiked back to the visitor's center. Got back in the motorhomes and headed for something to eat!!

Remember I said remember the word Ordinary?  Well here is the second one. The ordinary was the motel of the pass that served food for the common people.  It is an ordinary that was there in th 1700's and has been kept in it's original shape. You go through a short buffet line and sit at tables with benches to eat. They will come around and check to see if you want anything more from the buffet.

Each room has a huge fireplace, your light is from candles or laterns.

The food was excellent and an amazing place to visit.

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