Saturday, September 24, 2011

Nan and Bear Continue in Tennessee

This is a picture of Jack Daniels. He is the one on the right, the one on the left is yours truly (Nan)

They had some of the original items used in the milling and mash for the brew.

A fine collection of knives were on display.

Musical Instruments used in BlueGrass music

A display of the Smooth Tennessee whiskey.

A Jack Daniel's work truck

We had lunch on Sunday at an Italian restaurant. A friend of Fernie's owns it.  Great Italian buffet.

A salad bar with the buffet.

We visited Falcon rest a mansion very close to Fernie.  It was fascinating.

This was our guide and she was great. Really enjoyed what she was doing and really became involved with her story. She told us that the mansion is haunted. The ghosts are practical jokers but the sounds can unnerve you.

Information on the mill that Clay Faulkner owned. He built this mansion across the road from the mill. The area has changed a lot but at that time it was very open.

No pictures were allowed inside, but the antiques in each room were great. But we could take pictures outside and this is one of the gardens.

This is a new addition, they use the area for weddings and receptions.

The family's carriage with the fringe on top.

Another look at one of the gardens

We stayed and had a lunch. A chicken salad sandwich, sweet potatoe fries with a brownie and pink fluff that was delicious.

Fernie and I chatted and enjoyed the food and visit.

We were told if we took pictures of these windows we would see a ghostly you see them?

Maybe a view a bit further back and you can see them peering down at us.

Bear and I left and headed over to visit with Carolyn. We took a tour of her hometown. The old railroad that did service the town is now a museum.

A beautiful downtown area.

A full view of the railroad station.

A bit of history of the railroad.

One of the original cabooses  used by the railroad.

Another view of the downtown area.

We returned to Carolyn's nephew's home and enjoyed an evening of visiting.

The next morning I headed down the drive and on through Tennessee.

The cows along the way waved good bye.

Views along the road through Tennessee were beautiful .

Fall has moved into Tennessee.

Clouds are right down on the mountains. It was a chilly rainy morning.

Stay tuned right here our next stop is Alabama.

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  1. Enjoyed your visit, can't wait for you to come back.