Saturday, September 10, 2011

Nan and Bear continue through Indiana

I left my niece's and headed back into Indiana.

Passing some neat houses along the way.

I arrived at the RV Museum in Elkhart, Indiana

Interesting old RV's in the Museum

Doesn't this just look like you could just pull out a chair and have a seat?

They have Mae West Housecar

Doesn't this look like total comfort?

A back balcony that Mae West Sat on in a rocker. They are searching for a rocker like she used.

On to Horseshoe Lake Campground, in a corn field of course.

Found Bear's look alike here. Baron was from California and three times Bear's size. Now aren't they cute?

A large pond complete with geese.

Bear also found a minpin/chiquaqua mix. a sweet little dog.

On down the road, seeing more and more fall color.

I returned to Brown County State Park. Stayed here in my first motorhome. Return to the scene of my crime!!

This is the covered bridge I attempted to drive through in my Lexington. Gee that bridge is small.

The Brown County State Park is in Nashville, Indiana.

A beautiful park to enjoy.

Nashville, Indiana is a quiant little town to visit.

But is was time for us to leave Indiana and travel on through Kentucky.

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