Sunday, September 4, 2011

Nan and Bear on the road to Frost's Farm

A poem at the Robert Frost Farm

A Farm tool used on the farm.

Here is the actual farm tool.

A picture of the farm house, the barn is attached for easier access during the winter month.

The lower level of the barn where the animals were kept in the winter.

A shot of the back of the house, you can see how the buildings are connected for access to the barn.

Inside the tour began. A two hole potty inside.. now wasn't that great.

Liz and I had to try it out and sit where Robert Frost sat.

Some of the items used in the kitchen.

The pantry and the dinner ware.

Another look of the kitchen items

The breakfast table.

Dining area in the house.

The party line phone

A stove for heating.


One of the bedrooms with a typewriter and a sewing machine

Another bedroom with a great quilt.

Bedroom with another great quilt.

Robert Frost liabrary.

The kitchen stove ordered from Sears.

Here is the catalog with the stove. Quite expensive at 13.95.

Our guide said this was a recliner Robert Frost sat in. This was the only piece of furniture that they shipped to England and had returned when they returned.

A baby bed.

When the foundation took this house over, Robert Frost's daughter came on as an advisor about what the house looked like when her family lived there. So the colors position of the furniture and fabrics are all from her memory.

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