Monday, September 5, 2011

Nan and Bear on the Road to Ohio and Michigan

The view was beautiful, but the sky was very dark.

In towns on the way, saw old cars parked on the street.

Old cars were on the highway.

A closer view of the old car

Ponds and lakes along the way.

Old farms

Got to Ohio just in time for canning pickles.  Yes I did bring a jar of pickles and relish home with me. They are delicious.

My nephew looking for a hole in the cooking pot.

My great great niece did a flip and put her foot through the glass in the french doors. So clean up. Slight cut, so all ended well.

I then arrive in Michigan

On into Michigan and a hail storm right after I set up at the campground the first night.

Rain was so heavy it was a white out.

This campground was in the middle of a corn field on a lake.

See all the units back in the field?

On to the Lake where my niece lives in the summer and we had a hotdog roast and smore making at my unit.
My great great niece is eating a smore and enjoying it.

Another great great niece and nephew enjoying their smores.

My niece's husband minding the fire.

Flowers still blooming in Michigan

A shot of the Lake Community

A great trail to walk

Found interestingly shaped trees.

A sign for the park.

Could see a touch of fall starting here.

I found this neat little sign. Didn't know I had this business.

My brother in law, niece and great great nephew.

Join us in our visit to Shipshewanna.

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