Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nan and Bear on the Road in Alabama Day 2

Carolyn this is for you, remember driving up this road to the campground? They were not kidding this was an L curve.  Wendy came from Birmingham, so Sara, Wendy and I had a gathering.

We visited a market and I was enjoying taking pictures of the products. Don't eat potato chips, eat green bean chips.

or vegetable chips.

or carrot chips.

And then it happened, I took a picture of this fresh food display and was told that was against store rules. So had to quit snapping pics. So we tested their fresh stuff and left. Only I can cause us to get thrown out of a grocery store.

So we went on to a better place, another German restaurant for lunch. We were met by the waitress you see on the right and she offered to take our picture.

Here we are Sara, Wendy and Nan

Above is the dessert shelves as we entered the store, they asked us to take pictures. (my kind of place)

Then we had lunch.

The decor was great.

The company was great.

We had a wonderful waitress.

We then went shopping for apples and a bit more looking but Wendy needed to get home so she could leave the next day for the cruise. So we bid adeau. Sara and I made a fire and as we were sitting there we saw a great hawk fly over so I grabbed the camera for pictures.

Although he watched me he didn't seem to mind that I was snapping his picture.

Alabama was indeed a fun time, but headed on into Florida to see my new great grandson

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