Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nan and Bear on the Road in Alabama

Sarah came to pick me up and took me out for a lunch at a German restaurant and on to the rocket.

Great food. Meatloaf, german potato salad and red cabbage. Yummmmmy

No meal is complete without dessert. We were so full we shared this. It was delicious.

Hildegard's German Restaurant.

On to the rocket. Found out quickly it was much more than just a rocket.

A stilth plane

A closer view of the rocket

Memorials to the different shuttles.

Just think this was what started flying and the space programs.

The quarantine facility after they were brought home.

The space suit.

A ride to demonstrate a space ride.

All the reasons I did not ride.

More rockets

Moon buggy showing what they saw when landing on the moon.

As we were leaving this was a view of the sky

When people go to the space camp this is where they sleep.

A very nice guard took this picture for me inside the gates.

One more rocket and we were finsihed for the day.

Enjoyed the day so much, found out Huntsville, Alabama offered so much more than I ever thought, decided to stay another day and look some more.

Stay tuned for day two in Huntsville.

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