Monday, September 12, 2011

Nan and Bear on the Road into Kentucky and Tennessee

Found a great park in Kentucky and stopped for the night. This park is and island. Rather an interesting area.

Another look at the park it had a 18 hole golfcourse

A bit of history on the Burnshide park.

Then we went on down the road to Tennessee

See a bit of leaf changing here in the mountains.

Need a snack?  Great place to stop.

Love old houses.

I arrived in McMinnville, Tenn and Fernie took me out to see the birthing tree. She said the wagon trains use to ring their wagons around this tree when someone was about to have a baby. It is now ringed with medical buildings and hospital.

We also rode out to the cemetary and visited the grave of singer Dottie West.

This was a part of her song she did for Coca Cola.

We visited a great water fall. This waterfall had been the site of an old mill, called the Bickford Mill.

This water fall in the same park did not have very much water.

The first water fall description of the mill that had been there.

A suspended bridge and we walked across it.

This was the tallest waterfall we saw.

We found a deer. He needed a lot of  food.

A civil war painter had been in the area.

A view from atop the mountain.

We made a trip to Lynchburg, Tenn and the home of Jack Daniels.

Remember the old filling station pumps?  Need gas?

Then you jump back in your delivery truck and get rolling.

On Saturday night you will need a bath.

Flamingos are alway in vogue.

I found this wonderful man playing checkers, thought I would hang around. He didn't seem to mind.

Then I met Jack. He is still making that Bourbon.

I shopped for shoes.

If you don't like Jack's fine liquors, then make your own.

We were then off to Miss Mary Bo Bo's for a fine lunch

The "parlors" were decorated in fine antiques.

The dining tables were set for the mid day meal.

We found the old cistern where they once got water.

Doesn't look very drinkable now.

We all had our fill of meatloaf, fried chicken, potatoes, apples with some of the recipe from Jack, vegetables. A great meal.

Miss Mary Bo Bo ran a boarding house and served 3 meals a day.

When the old Boarding house was going down, Jack Daniels bought it and revived it as a restaurant. So glad he did, the food was wonderful

Stay tune for a visit with Jack and more of Tennessee

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  1. Looks like you had some great adventures. I should have followed you!