Friday, June 1, 2012

Exploring Reed's Point, Montana

Here is how we hunker down. We go for a walk around the town . Old buildings. This looks to be an antique shop, but no one is home.

Another store which appeared to be empty.

Reed points welcoming signs. They love their sheep.


The old hotel. Bet this was a lively place at one time. Wish we could have toured through it.

Sheep right in town.

Fire department has an old army truck for fighting wild fires.

Down by the railroad tracks we have Occident Flour elevators.

Suppose they might have had grain in here for flour.

The two flour elevators with the mountains in the background.

We walked down past the railroad track to a very fast moving river.

They are checking out a bird they saw

We came back into town, walked on the old board sidewalks...and went into the saloon for lunch. Yes the dog was invited too.

Looking up we see quarters that various patrons pounded into the beams and signed. Think there was also some silver dollars..

A big pot bellied stove was there for warmth. Now this is a place with character While we were there they kept putting more wood on the fire.

Then the lunch came.
 Fried gizzard lunch with home made chips..

A big hamburger, with home made chips.

How is this for hunkering down?


  1. Came visiting from Margie and Roger's blog. I can't believe the coats you have on and that terrible picture of the mountains behind the grain elevators. lol We are headed that way and I can't bear the thought of being cold. We won't be there for about two weeks so I'm sure hoping the sun comes out before we get there. We retired from Billings and our son still lives there and is getting married June 24.

  2. Okay, my guess is that those gizzards belonged to Birdie. Glad you bought that warmer coat the other day. Surely it will warm up and quit raining soon. My cousins in Calgary are complaining about the cold air coming up from down south--quite a change for them.

  3. Nan, love the pic of the grain elevators!