Thursday, June 21, 2012

Heading into the interesting park of Canada

Here is a bit of Alberta Canada's History, let you read this for yourself.

The fields were alive with yellow wild flowers

Before I show other pictures of the wild animals let me share my story of the buffalos and the bridge.

Buffalo on bridge, car coming, car passes buffalo.

As the car passes, biker takes his turn and passes. Now it is my turn. Welllll........

These two buffalo are now in the center of the bridge without room for me to pass. So I do what anyone would do (or would they???) I honk my horn

Then Joe the buffalo looks back, says to Jake the buffalo, hey we can take that big white thing making that awful honking sound, soooooo........

On cue they turn around and start back toward me, I do what anyone would do I started backing off that bridge with flashers going. Car right behind me pulled off, grabbed his camera and came around to take pictures. The tanker truck, just stopped way back and watched. When I got off the bridge I stopped and one climbed the side railing, the other was studying me, so I grabbed the opportunity, left that man standing in the road and went around and off the other end.

Now my advice is if you are ever behind two buffalo, don't honk at them, guess that is an offense.

One of my stops was at 115 Creek, an old campground no longer in use. A beautiful little creek with a beaver damn. Water was crystal clear.

The beaver had built a damn here. They really put a lot of work into this damn.

Here I am parked at 115 Creek, really a nice place to stop.

Saw an elk, who posed very nicely for me.

Saw a buck and this female moose, but male took off, almost missed this much of a picture of the female.

One of the Provincial Parks I stayed in, like our state parks.  Quiet, nice locations.

A lot of buffalo in the area.

Lot of new babies.  This looks like a very young calf.

A large herd of buffalo with a lot of babies.

One of the roads in British Columbia that flooded. There were apparently 3 sections of the Alaskan Highway that were flooded and 2 sections that the road was washed away.

A lot of bear were on the roadsides

In one of the towns, saw the sign post forest. This was started by one worker in 1942 when the Alaskan higway was being built. It still goes on today, with hundreds of signs. This is everything from street signs from various towns, to town signs, little signs people have made.  A fund place to visit.

Here is another view of the sign forest.

Saw this mama bear with three bear cubs.

Here are the other two cubs.

Another bear on a stroll.

Stay tuned, more fun pictures coming.


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  1. "The Buffalo Incident"; sounds like a good title for a book. Wow, now that is a unique memory. Good thing you weren't towing when you had to do the emergency backup. Still, wouldn't have wanted to be on that motorcycle.