Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Glacier National Park

After a couple of nights at Walmart we were off to Dick's RV park for one night to pick up mail and on to Glacier National Park. On the way saw this sign in memory of some flood victims.

We have an eye on the front coming in and one eye on the road.

The mountains are even beautiful through the clouds

Only 17 more miles to go and we are in. 

We came upon a herd of horses in the road.

This is the Glacier Park Tour Bus. The top slides back so the visitors can get a closer look.

This was our morning view

This is Goose Island, the most photographed Island in the world.

We saw bear.

We saw a grizzly walking along by the lake, he poised beautifully.

Me in all my relaxed state while out camping.

After our day at Glacier National Park, we packed up and headed into Canada!!


  1. Love the picture of you at the end. Always nice to get some pictures with you in them for looking at later.