Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lewis and Clark Expedition

One of the five waterfalls Lewis and Clark faced. They now have a damn there but the original water fall is in front of the damn.

Another water fall.

and another one.

We then went into the interpetive center for movies and some displays.

They hauled the canoes around the falls.

This statue was the same height as Jefferson was, now you can see just how short Mitch is.

A very nice sculpture was displayed as a tribute to Lewis and Clark

A beautiful bird was at the interpetation center to say hello.

Mitch showed us how the papoose carrier was used.

Then Mitch modeled the officer's coat

Note that serious officer face!!

But Mitch would not put on the buckskin coat or the bucksin dress.

This completed our learning experience with Lewis and Clark. So off we go.

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  1. Great photos but the ones of the spring are expecially wonderful.