Friday, June 1, 2012

Reed Point, Montana

We left Sheridan mist rain. The sky looked bad, so we were all anxious to get to Reed Point and get set up.

Great plato with a snow fence.

The sky continued to be threating, with some rain and ice hitting us.

We had 200 miles to go and knew it could get really bad, so we moved right along...with an eye on the sky

Then out of the corner of my eye, I see a dianosour on the hill. This area had a great many prehistoric animals, now there is a mud valley oil field.

Here is information on the Big Muddy oil field.  When that first gusher hit, bet it was a bit oily too.

Okay eye back on the sky, and it isn't looking any better.

Looking back to my right the sky is not good there either.

Oh wow here is another great looking plato. Just look at those great rock formations.

Eye back to the sky, we have almost a boiling sky now...

Here comes the rain...

Had to slip in that side area and take a picture about Lewis and Clark.  They explored through this area. Wonder if they had a cloudy sky like this and rain?

Okay we are into mountains with snow on them...but look at those clouds, is that snow or rain.

We finally got into Reed Point, I had stopped to buy a warm coat gosh left mine home. Got back on the road and felt the motorhome slipping some.  Drove so I could keep it under control and drove the last 60 miles to camp. Had to set up in the rain, I was cold and glad to get inside where it was warm.

The next morning we woke to snow on everything. Liz and Mitch had a snow fight, I missed that.

We now have the results of all those clouds...snow!!

Spring did not allow it to interrupt her morning duty..

Snow on Mitch's car

snow in the barrel

Snow on the cowgirl trash bin.

Thought this Iris would die. But it didn't, after the snow, it put on more blooms. Glad I wasn't in charge of it, it would be dead

Bear isn't sure what he thinks of this snow.

The tree looks as though it should be decorated.

The mountains across from us were covered with snow.

The beginnings of town.

Even had a cowboy kneeling to pray in the snow.

The covered wagon and outhouse..

This little town is known for its sheep. Here is a snow covered statue

At this point we are hunkered down for a few days until the weather clears up. Now my mind invisioned 5 women, squatted down around a campfire to keep warm. But that wasn't the case.  Stay tuned


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  1. Nan, this is a wonderful post. You had many different pictures from the others. I'm glad you decided not to hunker down around a campfire too--much too cold. At least you have two furry little bodies to keep you warm.