Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Finish the Valley and on to Walmart

We saw deer on the hillside. Think these are mule deer.

This guy stopped to have his picture taken.

As we went on down the valley road, the mountains continued to be beautiful sites to see. If you look to the left side here, they call this the lions head mountain. Can you see the lion's head?


Information about the river we were seeing. It flows down, goes underground and then back up.

Another deer further into the valley, stopped to poise, you know they are such hams.

Even though there was snow around us, we saw bits of spring. A lovely little flower.

We went in to see the natural bridge, which in effect is the river going underground and popping up several hundred feet later.

Here is the waterr going under ground.

Our view of the mountains as we head on to Walmart

Mitch had her twin come up and park next to her. Aren't they cute?

Of course you have the normal walmart visitors. This car is protesting states that banned smoking.

Stay tuned for our day at Walmart.


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