Saturday, June 2, 2012

Horse Whisper Country

 We were directed to a valley where the Movie "The Horse Whisperer" was filmed. It is as breathtaking as it was in the film.
The mountains around us were just beautiful

We think this may have been the house that was used in the film.

There was a cabin across the creek that also fits in the movie scenes

Birds of prey were out, think this was a hawk, watched him dive for food.

This metal sculpture was at the visitor's center.

This little furry guy was scampering across the field and stopped for pictures.

We continued on with more beautiful mountains.

Then we found the road kill saloon, thought we would stop for a bit of lunch.

But the people told us to wait outside they hadn't opened yet, so we left.

Found more mountain pictures.

These are possibly mule deer. Wild life...

Time to break camp and head to another location closer to the Canadian border...So stay tuned, next internet access will share more pictures.


  1. You have some impressive mountain pictures Nan. Loved the cabins too. Best pictures yet.

  2. Nan, absolutely magnificent ! I loved that area and I'd love to live there if there wasn't that white stuff...such beauty and peaceful feeling...I know you're loving every minute of it...Us too ! Safe Travels God Bless Zeee and Critters 3