Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dawson City

Robert Service, poet was in Dawson City. This poem was on the side of a building.

Tremblay was a pioneer woman in Dawson

Klondit Kate's was one of the restaurants in town.

One of the beautiful buildings in Dawson. All the sidewalks are wooden walkways, and all the streets are dirt, complete with potholes.

This street scene reminds me of a gunshow down at noon. Can you see them in the middle of the street ready to draw and fire?

The Masonic building in Dawson City.

Information about the Lodge.

This is a picture of one of the brothers in the lodge. No information about why he was special enough to have his picture on the outside of the building.

Dawson City was a wild, open town. Flora and Dora are advertising their trade.

I am not sure if this is Flora or Dora,

Could this be Dora, of course she is missing a right arm and is bald.  

Now did Grandpa get on his scooter and go downtown for a wild time?

An old log hut that has grass growing on the roof.

Bicycle on the porch. Now that would be an enjoyable afternoon ride.

We walked back down to the pier and found they were having an Indian gathering about a mile down river.

We got on the little boat you see leaving the dock and rode down to see what was happening. This was an old church that had been set up for the Indians.

Further information about the church.

Here is the actual church

The ever present wood stove inside to keep them warm during services.

A school was set up for the Indian community.

The area here is known as Moosehide and the above is a picture of their school, here is some information you can read about the school

The word school in English and then again in their language.  Try to figure out how to pronouce the word.

One of the homes in the village.

Information here on Mooseslide.

The Moosehide community cemetary. They build fences or homes for their deceased.

Back to Dawson City we visited a museum. At one of the museums, I notice the beautiful carved door. 

 A closer look at the carvings on the door.

Here is an old blacksmith shop.
Practical use of a building.

In another Museum we visited we saw an example of the secretary/accountant. 

An indian family depicting some of their work.

 Photo of some of the original gold rush miners.

In the museum was depicted the gold miner and his efficient cabin.

Okay ladies we are going shopping. A hat for you and one for him.

A blouse to go with that skirt you made?  A bit different style hat and a fur cape.

A pair of shoes for him, when he isn't out in the gold fields.

You will also need a pair of shoes, got to have that complete outfit.

Some items for home, a pitcher and bowl, a light cape, or a different blouse.

We visited Robert Service's Cabin.

As we arrived, the hostess was talking with several people about the cabin. She spoke both english and very fluent french.

Robert Frost was very suave.

Sorry about the blurred picture, my camera was qivering.

Here is the hostess in a french conversation.

Inside the cabine was all the conveniences. A writing desk, a phone.

Cups, a pitcher and a sample of can goods he used.

His wash basin and shaving gear.

In the kitchen area, a stove and tea pots.  Want a spot of tea?  Interesting chair to the left.

The porch was make of small poles. We should see the front of a building later that is made from this style of pole

All the conveniences, a chair with a cup holer.

Beautiful flowers in the yard.
 Another interesting home close to the Service home. Don't think I would like to carry groceries up the steps.


This is a portion of the Jack London home, the other portion was moved to the lower 48.

This is the main part of the remaining home.

This house was the old telegraph house.

Info on the telegraph

This is the early days house.

This is how it looks today.  Lost a lot of character.

Information on the above house.

These two old buildings are being left so tourist can see what the permafrost does to the foundations. As you can see they are leaning.

This is a closer shot of the buildings.

The trip to Dawson City was very worthwhile. There was so much too see. We walked around town two days, with the run out to the Indian gathering. A town full of history.

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  1. Looks like a great visit. I enjoyed your tour of the town and the shopping trip. Interesting to have beautiful buildings and dirt roads.