Friday, August 10, 2012

Valdez/Lulu Belle

This fishing boat was unloading the night's catch into a cannery. They have a machine that sucks the fish and water up and separates the fish from the water as it moves along the shoot. The crew is standing around waiting until the catch has been unloaded.

Along the shore we spotted an eagle. Big adult eagle.

As we moved along our route, we saw a waterfall. Think they are so pretty cascading down the mountain.

Further down another water fall. We have mist in the air at this time, so clouds are dropping down.

A couple of ducks on the water.

As we are moving along, we came up on some icebergs

A sea otter playing in the water.

Then we see it, a whale.  Can't wait to see him come up.

This is the start of the tail fins coming out of the water.

And out the tail comes.  It is such a pretty sight.

The tail starts down and on the bottom it is white with black edging. The captain told us the particular type for this whale. but CRS has kicked in and I don't remember.

The captain has spotted a cave in the side of the mountain, he wants to go in and take a closer look.  Alrighty, hold your breathe...we are going in that tiny hole.


We are moving closer and closer

Looking over the rail of the boat, you can see we are very close.

He is sliding that boat right on in the cave.

Here we are, people went out on the front to take pictures. It was raining so I held my post in a bit dryer area. Note, the lens on my camera does not need cleaning, it is raining.

As the captain is backing out of the cave, we saw a bunch of sea otters on the beach.

 And more sea otters.

Heading on toward the glacier, the captain stopped to show us the glacier monster.

The icebergs are getting larger the closer we get to the iceberg.

A lot more ice in the ice fields.

He works the boat through the icefield, but the ice is stopping the boat. It closes in behind us.

Ice now surrounds us, so the captain stopped and decided that we should not continue, as it was a too dangerous.

The ice is very thick, temperatures are about 34 and the water is 32.  Makes you think of the Titanic.

The captain did find a huge glacer to use as a backdrop for pictures. Everyone grabbed their camera and lined up to have their picture taken

Oh yeah, I am right there with cameras for a picture.

 As we approached the inlet to come back into port, the captain turned the wheel over to Beth and she brought us in, backed into the parking slot.  She did a wonderful job, handled it like she did this everyday. I know I would have hit the dock. LOL

So from the deck of the Lulu Belle, Tina, Beth and I bid you a fond farewell.

But don't touch that dial, I have some history of Valdez to share.

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  1. Great pics, Nan. I'm looking forward to my LuluBelle tour.