Thursday, August 16, 2012


The scenes along the way into Haines, Alaska are beautiful

You pass interesting places along the way that you must photograph

Their business is a cafe, lodge.

They had beautiful natural decorations out front

We rounded a curve and here is a house being moved.

A long road from Dawson City, Yukon to Haines, Alaska. The house is still moving right along in front of us.

Clouds are threatening rain.

Clouds are dropping lower.

We stopped to take pictures and read about the Tatshenshini River.

When we got into Haines we stopped at one museum and saw this young eagle.

Of course Tina wanted to go talk to them about the  ferry runs between Haines and Skagway. Before we left checking on them I had a ticket too.

In our walking tour we found the remaining homes used by Ft. Wm. Seward.

This home had been occupied by the Chief Surgeon

Also occupied by Col. Thomas C. Woodbury

It is now a B & B

These houses were set up as Duplexes so a couple of officers shared each house.

This is part of the view they had from their homes.

This was the CO's home

After the military finished with this area, here is what happened to the houses.

More Officers Duplex homes.

And another one.

More information on the military personell that lived here.

More info, hope you can read this. Very interesting

Houses the way they looked back in the 40's

.The officers and their wives

Back on our walk we found a hammer museum

Now that is a big hammer.

Bike with interesting handlebars

Here is a look at the whole bike.

In the museum he has statues using hammers.

A wood worker

Every type hammer you could possibly need

He ran out of wall space so he moved to the ceiling.

Old cars that were probably used during the Ft. Steward Days.

  Old truck that was part of that same time period.

Earlier in the day, the park owner had decided she was going to have a crab boil So while Tina and I were washing clothes she requested help. Tina was finished and volunteered.Gosh I was still busy with my clothes.

The picture below is Joyce and one of the campers cleaning the crabs. Found out Tina was affectionately nicknamed crab killer.  Seems that was her job, grab them live and bash their heads.

This is cleaned crab legs waiting to be cooked.

The owner got busy bringing in campers, so this camper had been instructed and he is busy putting crab in the beer keg boiling pot.

Another camper came  up and Joyce popped out to show him how to cool them down to stop the cooking process.


I helped I took a pan of cooled crab into the dining area.  Another pot of boiled ones going in.

We had a great pot luck dinner that night with crab being the main course. You sure couldn't eat more than one. They were fresh and delicious.

Stay tuned for chapter two of Haines and the ferry ride.


  1. Great pictures of the homes and the hammer museum.

  2. Enjoyed the tour, and the crab looks delicious.

  3. Ummm, ummm, good! Wonderful pictures of the officers' homes.