Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Onward to Anchorage

Leaving Homer we stopped and took some pictures of the mountains around Homer.
Tina and I found a road that overlooked the mountains so took some pictures from there. I love to look at the beautiful mountains.

Another location from the same high road.

Coming out of Homer found this old horse drawn snow clearing machine.

We stopped at Kelly Lake for one last visit. That was such a beautiful location. Then we wandered on down to Hope. Hope is not very much anymore, just a couple of buildings and a closed campground. So on down the road we go.

Flowers, most are wild, are beautiful  here in Alaska.

We stopped at a campground for Gold Mining.  In the information they print, they tell you if you pay to camp, you can visit their museum. We went over to tour the museum and we were told that was not correct. I suggested they reword their brouchure. But we did get to see some people repelling, but guess who didn't get pictures of that?

Another old truck used as a planter for flowers.

We saw this rock formation on the side of the road, thought Liz would like this.

 On to the earthquake park. Seward, Anchorage, Valdez were all effected by the earthquake in 1964. Here is information on the effect at the Turnagain, close to Anchorage.

A lot of Alaska has glacier silt that is a land base and it is very unstable.

 They do expect more earthquakes in the future.

Bear and Spring are sniffing out all the wild animals when we stop.

In Anchorage we finally found a parking lot for RV's. So we stopped and took a look around Anhorage. Of course I was checking out fabric shops, saw this cute apron.

Anchorage has done a lot of growing the last 17 years since I was last here. The split road I remembered has apparently been leveled and docks built there. You can see see the slope of the land from 4th street down to the water's edge where the earthquake caused the damage.

After looking, having lunch we were onward heading to Valdez.

During the time in Anchorage we kept hearing jet planes over head. Got this picture of one. Heard the next day that it was an airshow in town.

Out of town we go on to Valdez.

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