Monday, August 20, 2012

Haines, Ferry and Skagway

After the fine crab dinner, Tina and I rode out to see if we could spot some bears.  We did!! This one had just caught a salmon and was walking back across the road.

A second shot of the same bear carrying his dinner back to the woods.

Here is another bear going back to the fishing hole for his dinner.

We sat patiently waiting for him to fish and come back, but alas a guy in a church van, decided to get out and take pictures.  A man on a little bridge came storming at the guy and the bear returned to the woods immediately People don't seem to learn this bears can kill you.

We also found this eagle resting on a rock in the middle of the river.

Waiting in Line at the ferry. Then they pointed at me and said come around...I did

Now I am facing down the ramp into the ferry.

They guided me down, at the bottom they lefted the ramp to keep me from dragging and on I went. After I got situated in the line they wanted me in.. I hugged the dogs bye and looked for Tina to board.

Here comes Tina.

On down the ramp

Down to the bottom

Tina made the right hand turn and on to her parking place.

As we are moving away from dock, we see whales blowing their spouts.

Appears to be two whales here.

One whale is just above water and the other is blowing.

On we go down through the pass to Skagway.

A fishing boat on the side.

Beautiful water falls.

Another water falls just gushing out at the bottom

Helicopter overhead, probably on a tour.

As we near Skagway, we can see the tour ships already in port.

There are actually two ships in port.

A view of Skagway.

Whale playing near the cruise ship, never did get a picture of him out of the water, more than what you see.

A sea lion was also in the water playing.

I was at the front of the line, so I was sent off, then here comes Tina.

Yep she made it back up the ramp.

The views here are beautiful

the wild flowers are still in bloom

The front of this building was very interesting. It had short, small logs to make the front.

Don't think I have ever seen a black and yellow petunia.

Old Ford Fairlaine on the street, either a 1956 or 57

A carved wooden statue that had been hand cared.

The jewish orthodox doom, used on a store.

The store fronts, think there were 11 jewelry stores, not in the market, so we passed them by.

We left Skagway and found another small town down the road, found this old church.

A second church in the small town.

Train was in town, carrying tourist.

A handpainted pan.

The trip into Haines and beyond was well worth the time.

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  1. Great pictures Nan. You did a nice job of showing how they get all those RVs on the ferry.