Monday, August 20, 2012

Ooooo and Ahhhh moments for the Canadian Glacier Highway.

There are so many beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful mountains, what can you say other than oooooo and ahhhh?

Not the low lying clouds around this mountain.

Mile after mile of beautiful mountains. You think you have seen the most beautiful and another pops up.

You can begin to see some color change here.

More color change.

Love driving towards this one.

So many of these mountains are sharp, very rugged looking.

A beautiful view.

A train we saw as we were entering Jasper.


Mountains around Jasper.

A community garden in Jasper. 

A little deer made from straw.

Information about some of the first people that lived in this area.

A totum pole in Jasper

Visitors center in Jasper

Interesting homes in Jasper.  Small but very nice.

back to the beautiful mountains.

and more

The drive is breathtaking.

more ooo ahhh moments

The color of the mountains gets your attention

oooooooo aaaahhhhh

More of the colors.

Look at the thick layer of snow on the top.

More oooo ahhh moments

We stopped by Lake Louise

Back to the mountains.

The shapes of the mountains gets your attention

Hope you enjoyed my ooooo aaaaah moments.

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