Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Top of the World

The road is long, very long. But we are out there moving toward Chicken

Yep, I said Chicken. It is a very small community in Alaska. Not much there, but it was fun to visit.

Chicken has two outpost, this is one of them. We spent the night here.

A chick on display made out of metal

Note his tailfeathers are a pitchfork.

Here is the main chicken in Chicken. All made out of metal

We joined Sharon for breakfast. We only ordered one breakfast and shared it. There were three pancakes this size. We could only manage to eat one half of one of them. But they were blueberry and delicious.

As we were leaving the owner was putting out the baked goods for the day!! Look closely at the selection

annnnnnnd more...I drooled up and down the line, but Tina my ever watchful eye, got Sharon's assistance and drug me out of there. There were scones, cookies, brownies, little fruit tarts.

Now you  know a slice of pie would have been delicious later with a cup of coffee.

More pies on the back counter. ooooooo...makes me drool

As we walked out looking at the bar next door, we were invited in to see the inside. The lady working there, stopped for a visit and ended up working there.
The decorations here are panties they shot out of a cannon. I had heard two booms the night before but didn't know what they were.

Some people left their hats, but the women left their panties, that after being shot out of the cannon were in rags.

These are the stools around the bar.

Of course there was more than panties and hats left there.

A very large collection of hats.

Business cards and signs

On the way out, the lady offered to take our picture, we here we are.

We visited the Chicken Creek Outpost next door, then said our goodbyes and headed on to Dawson City.

The trip to Dawson City gave us plenty of beautiful views.

The road is long and is dirt for the most part. So not too bad.

We had been told that a class A with a tow had gone over the cliff side of the road. We were later told that the Class A moved over to allow someone to pass on the inside and got on the soft shoulder and started rolling down the cliff. After about two hundred feet down a tree caught them and stopped the coach. The hole in the windshielf was made by a biker that had a hammer and busted the windshielf out to get the man and woman out of the motorhome. Their escape window as about 8 feet above them.

This is the spot they went over at. You can see if is a long way down. The tow truck completely stopped as I eased past. The man and woman were shaken but okay. Later we pass the tow that was also pretty banged up, they were checking it before loading it up. We were told by a man that sat 12 hours while waiting for them to get the motorhome up, that it took 3 tow trucks to get that unit back to the road. This was a huge tow truck taking it back down the mountain.

But putting that scene behind us we drove on toward Dawson city.

Some old buildings we see from the highway. Looks like it might be a rest area, but can't see how to get to it.

The road goes on toward Dawson City.

We went across the border and moved right along.

Upong passing along through the border, spotted these old houses.

A couple more on the other side of the road.

Not far from Dawson City now. 65 K. that is about 48 miles

We made it to the top of the world along the road. Climbed a hill close by and took a look at the view.

Note there are no trees....just wide open beauty as far as the eye can see.

We rounded the corner and stopped. THERE IS A FERRY THERE....NO ROAD!!! I ran back and asked Tina, did we make a wrong turn, she smiled and said, I didn't want you to worry, but we do have to take that ferry to get to Dawson City.

So they loaded Tina first, then me...and off we go.

If we don't sink, this will be our destination.

This river is very swift and they go down stream then back up to dock.

Bear is looking at me, saying I am not real sure what you have done, but this is not a road we are on. Are we floating by chance?

Springs, said yeah Bear on water....wake me when we get to a campground, I need to pee.

We arrived safely to the other side, Tina begins to drive off...

She is off, now they wave me off.

So off we go to visit Dawson City after we find a campground...stay tuned for Dawson City Pictures.


  1. What a great post, Nan! I too enjoyed the Top of the World highway, but that accident would have unnerved me, I think.

  2. Enjoyed the post with the chickens. No one is telling us if they lost any underwear at that bar. Glad you had an easy on/easy off at the ferry.