Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Bear and Spring are still enjoying the trip.

We entered Keystone Valley. Beautiful waterfalls.

Mountains with snow and ice. Did I mention I love the mountains?

Then we found the glacier. Nothing would do but we stopped and found out we could climb to it.

Found some information about the glacier.

Did not realize glacier's had worms in it.

The glacier had such a blue color to it.

Water fall made by melting glacier.

Tina on the rocks climbing up. I am on the other side. Climbing up

This is muddy grey silt from the glacier being washed down.

Tina is coming down the rocky area that I had climbed up. She made it to the foot, but I decided I didn't need to slip and break something.

This river is beside the road in the Canyon we drove through. Realized this is where I whitewater rafted about 17 years ago. The water here is about 32, and I was dressed like a little yellow dough boy.

This great waterfall was call bridal veil waterfall.

Got into Valdez and drove out to the fish hatchery. The salmon are trying to get up stream to lay eggs.

More of them fighting to get up stream, but the tide is out.

The sea lions are sitting here waiting on their dinner of salmon

In town we had our first greeter. Bunnies run wild in town.

the bottom of a water fall in Valdez.

Now don't touch that dial, more to come on Valdez. It is a very interesting fishing village.


  1. Great post, Nan. You got some good shots of the salmon.

  2. I agree with Liz--great salmon shots.