Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nan and Bear on the Road in New Hampshire

Entering the area of New Hampshire where we would visit for a week, saw this old brick building. Asked later and found it was an old factory, probably a cabinet shop, long ago closed.

Remember the old swimming hole?  Long ago before swimming pools. Well guess some of you don't. But we had them. When it was hot you went to the hole, jumped in and cooled down. New Hampshire has the old swimming hole in use today. It is called the Eddy's. There are two pools of water and a water slide down the rocks. The rocks have cracks in them so the water appears to be flowing through the rocks. Now can it get better?

We went down and watched Liz's nephews swim, with our chairs sitting in the edge of water. It was beautiful  and cool. As you can see we had to go through a covered bridge to reach our destination. It looked like a river of rocks, but the kids enjoyed climbing on them.

A view of the covered bridge the way we saw it as we drove through to the swimming hole. The area was called swiftwater from 1819.

One of the pools of water. It then flows out and down to the next level.

A butterfly let me talk her picture.

One of the many steel bridges we have seen on the travels.

Liz is hand painting a design for her brother and sister in law on a sign for their hunt camp. It is called Pines and Needles. He hunts, she sews...neat name.

Sign is finished so now it is being installed.

It had to be just right on the side of the house.

Liz and her brother then went on a hunt for Maple Syrup, New Hampshire style.

After such a hard day, we had to go to Slicks for ice cream. mmmmm so good.

We went on a moose, bear, deer search one evening and all we found was this beautiful lake.

Our camp site at the hunting camp.  Couldn't have had a better location. Liz's sister in law prepared some great meals, which include venison burgers.

Natural stone used for a bird bath. This little dove was enjoying it.

A full moon. The kids that were there put on skits for the adults. Amazing talent. The moon came up over the mountain. What a great sight.

It is time for us to say goodbye to the hunt camp and head on to Maine.

Stay tuned, Maine is just around the next curve.

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