Friday, July 8, 2011

On the Road to Vermont

Remember the series "Little House on the Pararie" with Laura Ingles Wilder? She met and married Almanzo Wilder and in one of her books wrote about his boyhood home. We visited that home.

This is a view of the front of the house. It was closed the day we were there so we just walked around and took some photos.

The side view of the house.

Down this road Almanzo would go to a fishing stream called Trout stream.

We didn't see any trout, but imagine if you wait long enough something might bite.

The barns have been rebuilt according to the description Laura Ingles Wilder had in her book.

Out behind the house is the washtub. You know many load of clothes were put into this little wizard of a washer. Liz is standing reading a sign about something on the grounds.

I did get one little sneak peak inside the house, thought you might want to see too.

We left the NY area then and headed into Vermont. We traveled across the bridge from NY to Vermont. That is Liz right in front of me.

You see a lot of these large windmills here to produce power. This is a picture I got of one of them.

We arrived at the Vermont Welcome center.

We were entering the lake islands for Vermont. Here is a bit of history on the area.

We also found at the welcome station that this had been a missile site during the cold war of 1960-62. The missles were standing in their underground craters ready to go.

We were on our way to visit Liz's friend Abby. She was a great host and I stayed down at the barn, which is no longer used. But  I love these old barns so it was a treat for me to park there.

Liz went out kayaking on Lake Champlain. I got up nerve later in the day and gave it a try. Not bad at all. Could be a new venture for me.

We watched a beautiful sunset over Lake Champlain.

Viewed this growth of Tiger Lilies. They grow wild up here.

Abby had other flowers in the yard and I love taking pictures of them.

The 4th of July was such a busy day, we watched sailboats on Lake Champlain.

Bear was busy hunting the ground squirrels in the rocks.

Abby shared a story with us about her grandfather moving this pink granite stone into the water with oxen.
Great family history here.

The ever busy bee in the flowers working so hard on the 4th.

But the next morning it was time for us to head out to the Bluegrass concert. Here is the morning sunrise that visited that morning.

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