Sunday, July 10, 2011

On the Road to the Brandon Basin Blue Grass Festival

Now this is an exciting week. We came in or Tuesday and each day you could feel the anticipation and excitment building.

Beginning of the week look at all the campers here for the festival.

Not sure what this guy was dressed up for. Open my door and there he was, so grab my camera and took his picture.

Found this car, the owner had been giving rides during the day.

New stage all set and ready to go.

On our walks Bear always wanted to stop at the creek and go wading.

Wild Flowers are here.

Around me there are people playing and building up for the big day.

A sound system man. We sat back of this red top and to your right.

First group of the day, American Roots. A brother and sister group. Good sound.

The second group was Dave Nichols and Spare Change. Dave Nichols is the lst guy on the left and his wife played the bass. The guy in the center was a great yodeler. Haven't heard yodeling in a long time.

The group below was called Blistered Fingers from Maine. They really had a lot of enthusiasm.

This group is called Jerry Butler and the Blue J's. They were making fun of the banjo player and put a small white hat on him. A member from the prior band put on the beard and was teasing them on stage. All and All a fun evening

The banjo player with the white hat.

We had days that the clouds were there but seem to blow across the mountain and the sun shone and a great day was enjoyed.

Campers that were close to the action, sat near they campers and enjoyed. The lady you see in blue jeans and baseball cap was dancing to the music and having a great time.

The camping area was full to running over. They were sticking campers everywhere in the woods.

A snowmobile trail was at the back of the campground. Bear and I hiked partway up the trail. Pretty steep in places.

A group camped near me that played almost all day and wanted to play all night. Think other campers would shut them down.
Another look at the group under the parachute. People from all over the campground had joined in.

We went over this morning and enjoyed a big pancake breakfast with sausage and coffee. Then it was time to say goodbye to this week of fun and head to a sugar shack.

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  1. Bet the music really made you tap your feet. Looks like another fun time.