Thursday, July 7, 2011

On the road to an original 5,10 and $ store and Roy Croft

A man by the name of Roy Croft became tired of shotty craft work and decided to create a group of true artist. He trains them and when they become masters in their field of art they can put the double RR symbol on their work. We saw some beautiful craft work here. No pictures were allowed so can't show the work.

This is the RR symbol I referred to.

This was the Vidler's 5, 10 and $ store. Very interesting old style store with many current items.

Of course if you have a Vidler, you must have a Vidler on the roof.

Just down the block was a steaming cup of coffee. Note the Steam coming out.

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  1. Nan you ladies are having one of the best trips one could imagine... thank you for taking me along...