Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nan and Bear on the Road to New Hampshire

It has been a bit over a week since I last posted so need to catch everyone up on where I am.

We are on the road from Vermont into New Hampshire. The scenery is always beautiful

Liz stopped in Lyme, Vermont and showed me the carriage stable where her grandfather kept his wagon when he came to town.

This is the Lyme Inn. Would love to take a peek inside and see how they decorated it.

This is the general store in Lyme. Quite a neat place. Looking for something out of the ordinary, you can probably find it here.

One of the churches. Beautiful building and quite old.

Just think they might have parked their carriages in the stalls and came here for church.

On the way out of town, saw this sign about houses on the ridge. Stopped took some pictures so you could see some of the architect.

This fine old house probably held dozens of children in its day. Playing on the lawn.

Another of the homes on the ridge, couldn't get them all, too much growth in front of the homes. Since these homes were owned by business, imagine the fine parties they held here.

A child's swing now sits idle on the front lawn, but it has been swung a million times over the years. Dreams were built here.

The old style metal bridges are still very much in use here.


But with an old bridge you need this romantic old car for that Sunday afternoon drive across the old bridge.

Stay tuned, we will be in New Hampshire shortly.

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  1. I knew we would hear from you soon. Looks like a beautiful, quaint town.