Thursday, July 7, 2011

On the Road to the Original Kazoo Factory

Oh yes no trip is complete without stopping at the original kazoo factory. This is the only instrument that is totally American made.

This was exciting to find where Kazoo's were made. The employees are handicapped individuals. It was fun to see what they did to made this awesome little musical instrument.

This is located in Eden, NY. An original family business that is still in business.

Some of the machinery used for making Kazoos.

The end product of the Kazoo production. Now that you have gotten excited, just look them up online and order yours. I understand there is a six piece band that need a 7th person. They will audition so you must get practice in.

We are now off to our next exciting find. Come on you will have fun on this journey.

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  1. Sure hope you got a kazoo so you can play for us at our next gtg.