Thursday, July 7, 2011

On the Road to More Lighthouses

We start with a bit of history about the lighthouse.

A different view of this lighthouse

A bit more history of the area. French effected this area greatly and still do. We have the French Canadians just across the border.

Another view of the lighthouse. The views from the top of these lighthouses is wonderful.

As we looked for the next lighthouse we came upon a small village that was interesting and stopped for a few pictures. This house caught my eye as I was passing so went back for pictures.

Like the shape and the added touches on the roof. Just an eye catching combination.

This is the small town of Williamson, NY. Beautiful don't you think?
Water's edge right in town, can slip your boat in and go fishing.

This sign was on the front porch, Maker of Tall Clocks and Teller of Tall Tales.

This front porch looked so inviting, sit here and look at the water all day and rock your troubles away.

Back to the lighthouses.  We start with a bit of history of the Big Sodus Lighthouse.

Big Sodus Lighthouse. The lighthouse and attached living quarters.

This rock marks the original sight of the lighthouse.

Bell in the front of Big Sodus Lighthouse.

After your work is done, you can sit here on the front porch in a cool breeze and enjoy the view.

Inside the lighthouse we found some wonderful items to check out. Sailors of the day uniform. Can remember Francis wearing something similiar to this. Navy Blues.

This is an ice cutter. They would cut the ice in the winter to use during the warm summers.

This is the history of Ice Harvesting. Thought you might want to check this out for next winter.

Those all familiar whites for the Navy. Use to steal at least one of Francis' jumpers when he was home. Always thought wearing that I was just too cool.

If you traveled by first class here is your accomodations on the ships. Looks very comfortable don't you think?

The cost of a Sandwich here is outrageous. If this keeps on they will cost 50 cents before you know it.

The bathing suits are getting more risque by the day. We have gotten to the point they are showing the arms, what next?

On our boat cruise you must bring the proper evening clothes.

Of course the afternoon dress when you take the lady you met on a picnic.

You would ask the steward to pack you a special picnic basket.

I drifted off down memory lane for a moment. Back to the lighthouses. This is one of the crystal lights used.

Another style also used in the lighthouses.

All along the way you will find old homes that are wonderful to look at.

A home with a glass front porch. Can you imagine this with snow all around?

A firehouse in Oswego, NY. An artist has painted the walls.

A poem about the lighthouses.

In Oswego, NY we found Canals to view. A ship was to come in late in the afternoon, but we decided not to wait. They were filling the canals.

Due to technbical difficulties, will publish this post and return with more canals and lighthouses.

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  1. Awesome trip. Did you climb all those lighthouse steps? Whew, hope the knee held up. Glad you are having such a good trip.