Thursday, July 7, 2011

On the road to more Lighthouses

Beautiful flowers are everywhere here.

The home below belong to Augustus Sackett. This are is named Sackett's Harbor. He had come to this area because he had heard it was a land protected harbor. Finding that it was. He  claimed it and  it was used during the war of 1812.

This house was used as a field hospital during the war of 1812.

This building was originally a hotel. When this town began to die, the citizens began to save the historial buildings so that we could visit them today.

This home was used by the commandent of the military. The last commandent that was here happen to be from the south, so when he left in the middle of the night he left everything behind. It was considered war property and sold off. They have tried to retrieve some of the property they believe belonged to this commendant.

Information about the stables on the grounds.

The stables.

We visited Tibbet's Point lighthouse. It was truly out on a point. A beautiful view when you arrived.

Information on Tibbett's Lighthouse.

Foghorns that were used on the lighthouse. It is now a hostel and would cost you 23.00 a night to stay there.

The view from the lighthouse across the bay.

Great homes on the way into the lighthouse.

This is the end of the lighthouse tour.....we were off to see other things.

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